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STEAM Academy

Our History

Over a decade ago, the founder of Blooming Minds STEAM Academy, Olga Khamichonak, realized that most school programs do not meet the needs of advanced students. She saw how gifted students would lose their motivation to learn and how teachers would sometimes not realize that these students need more.

Olga founded BMA STEAM to challenge advanced students to learn more than their school program has to offer. We see every student as his or her best version of him or herself. We assess students by their best result, as we know that even if the consistency is not there yet, this is what they are truly capable of.

 We begin with the end in mind. We teach a child knowing that he or she will become tomorrow’s engineer, who may build a bridge we will be driving on, or a doctor, who we may go to when we need medical help. We are directly interested in giving today’s children the absolute best so that when they are successful adults, we know we are in safe hands.

 We are 100% confident: our students will be changing the world of tomorrow.

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