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Blooming Minds Academy

Where there is passion and determination, there is victory. Blooming Minds STEAM Academy is politics-free. Our values are family and academic and sports achievement. We are solely focused on the academic development of our children. We strongly believe that when students are passionate about something and they show determination to get good at what they do, they will achieve their personal victory. Our students participate in Science Fair, Earth Day Activities, History, and Literature Projects, as well as Kangaroo Math Competitions, to help them learn in the real world and not just in a classroom. Science, technology, engineering, arts, and mathematics (STEAM) education prepares the next generation for any industry by developing valuable skill sets that allow them to be successful in their careers. We invite creativity, curiosity, critical thinking, leadership, decision-making, acceptance of failure, and more. Regardless of the future career paths our students are prepared to make a difference. We are passionate about their blooming minds!

Blooming Minds Academy is a school program that provides a solid academic foundation for your child in math and language arts. It boosts your child’s confidence and motivates kids to take on difficult problems to find creative solutions. Our academy offers education for children from 12 months to 15 years old. We combine school, pre-school, and post-school education. We use a variety of curricula and various teaching methods. Our teachers adopt the teaching methods of famous European theorists, philosophers, mathematicians, poets, musicians, and artists for the modern student.

Scholars who inspire us

Maria Montessori– Italian physician and educator;
Glenn Doman – founder of The Institute for the Achievement of Human Potential, a specialist in child brain development;
Alexander Zaytsev – Russian and Soviet painter and art educator;
L. and B. Nikitin – Russian professors and authors of Methods of Early Development,
Jean Piaget – Swiss developmental psychologist and philosopher known for his epistemological studies with children),
Lev Vygotsky – a founder of research and theory of children’s socio-cultural approach to cognitive development,
John Dewey – American philosopherpsychologist, and a major representative of progressive education and liberalism

Their works have gained recognition of the best educators in the world. And now, our tutoring center brings these methods to parents of greater Chicago to help raise healthy, harmoniously developed, and intelligent children.

Our Mission

Blooming Mind Academy’s mission is to offer a world-class level of education and character development to children in a small, home-like environment, conducive to children’s physiological, social, emotional, and intellectual growth. Blooming Minds Elementary School creates and sustains a teaching-learning environment designed to develop every student spiritually, intellectually, physically, and socially to their maximum potential.

At the Blooming Minds Academy, your children will

  • advance their aptitudes and improve their weaker points through our individual competency evaluation (conducted upon each child’s admission to our academy and recurs every three months for progress tracking);
  • accelerate their comprehensive development through our unique teaching methodologies and the constant individual attention of instructors;
  • learn new things every day by joining our numerous high-quality education programs: English and Foreign language classes; Math, Science, Environment, and Wellness; Music, Dance, Art, Etiquette, Physical Development, Yoga, Drama, and Chess;
  • remember things better in the small-group learning environment;
  • acquire intellectual, physical, and social skills;
  • develop a sense of self-awareness and self-confidence;
  • become innovative and independent thinkers;
  • develop a profound appreciation for education and strong work ethics;
  • learn how to intuitively distinguish between right and wrong;
  • learn how to treat their peers and express respect for adults and the elderly;
  • develop an appreciation for the value of all living things and respect for the environment
  • become courteous, forgiving, generous, helpful, and vibrant individuals.

Our Curriculum

At Blooming Minds Academy, education of mind is our top priority. We structure the curriculum around the best world learning methods. It helps children learn the syllabus faster and remember it better. Our curriculum encourages students to gain knowledge by experimenting and searching for answers, reflecting with the instructor, and then coming back and revising the material consistently. While the foundation of our curriculum has roots in Russian Math, Science, and the methods of Language teaching, we are firm believers that education cannot have a cookie-cutter mentality, and no one method of teaching will fit all children. We strongly encourage our instructor to adapt our demanding curriculum to the children’s individual needs in a class. For over 10 years, this approach allowed us to produce successful learners excited about meeting new challenges, as their educational foundation is solid.

Classes offered:

  • Mathematics:
    We strongly believe that Mathematics forms the backbone of various academic disciplines, including science, engineering, economics, and technology. A strong mathematical foundation is essential for success in these fields and beyond. Our mathematics curriculum includes Accelerated Math and Olympiad Math;
  • Language Arts:
    Language Arts is the cornerstone of education, the key to effective communication, and the gateway to a world of knowledge and imagination. We recognize the profound significance of language arts and its transformative impact on student’s academic success and personal growth. As part of our curriculum, we offer the following disciplines separately:
    English, writing, grammar, vocabulary development, and English literature;;
  • Science:
    At BMA STEAM, we believe that science is the key to unlocking a future filled with possibilities. We invite you to explore our science programs and see how we empower students to become critical thinkers, problem solvers, and future leaders in science and innovation.;
  • Social Studies:
    History and Geography are the keys to understanding the past, present, and future of our world. We recognize the profound importance of history and geography education in shaping informed, responsible, and culturally aware individuals, and study them at a deeper level.
  • Public Speaking:
    We believe that public speaking is an invaluable skill that empowers students and shapes future leaders. We recognize the profound impact that effective communication has on academic achievement, personal development, and future career prospects.;
  • Foreign Language:
    writing, grammar, reading, spelling, literature, etc.;
  • Music:
    vocal singing, exploration of musical instruments, music literature, music theory, etc.;
  • Dancing:
    fun creative movement, exploration of dance concepts and movement techniques, stimulation of spontaneity and self-expression through rhythm and repetitive moves, etc.;
  • Art:
    drawing, painting, clay modeling, creative applications, self-expression through art, etc.;
  • Drama:
    storytime, theatrical acting, poem memorization, creative expression, etc.;
  • Physical Development:
    development of fine and gross motor skills with kids’ yoga, kids’ aerobics, and fun-movement activities;

Nothing is more rewarding to parents than seeing their children succeed and progress. Our academic tutors always encourage students to demonstrate new aptitudes and accomplishments to their families during our exciting monthly events.

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