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STEAM Academy

About Our Founder


Olga Khamichonak is a founder of Blooming Minds STEAM Academy. Olga has graduated from Minsk State Pedagogical College and Minsk State Linguistic University with Bachelor’s in Teaching and Master’s in Linguistics of the English Language. Olga began her career as a teacher of English in Minsk, Belarus. For almost 20 years Olga has been teaching and tutoring children and adults of various ages and levels. For many years, Olga worked for Kaplan University. She successfully led training and educational programs with a strong focus on Quality Improvement.

As a parent, Olga was looking for an alternative to a traditional school for her son. Even though her son’s public school was a Blue Ribbon school, she loved its teachers, and her son was always a good student, she saw that he could be challenged much more for maximum growth. As an immigrant, Olga values a sense of achievement very highly. That’s how Blooming Minds STEAM Academy was born. Our classes are goal-oriented. Our goals are SMART: specific, measurable, attainable, realistic, and time-bound. Advanced students are enrolled in advanced programs.

Today, over 1000 children, ages 3 through 18 received a strong foundation in Math and Language by attending a variety of age-appropriate educational programs that we offer.

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