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Olympiad Math Team Try-Outs

Every year, Blooming Minds opens its doors to all students who want to participate in Olympiads. This year, we would like to compete both on an individual level and as a BMA STEAM Team.

Two teams will compete, elementary school team – grades 1 – 5, and middle school team – grades 6 – 8.

Only 10 participants will be accepted per each age group.

Tryouts are scheduled for Thursday, September 26 at 5:30 pm.

Please, submit your tryouts interest request to olga@bloomingmindsacademy.com

While priority consideration will be given to current BMA students, there will be a few spots for new students who will prove their desire and ability to compete at the Olympiad level.

Please, direct all questions regarding Olympiad to Olga at 224 – 250-0872.