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REGISTRATION OPEN: Summer Learning Program for Grades 1-6

April 8, 2016

Summer Learning Program is an academic program that will run from June 6 to August 14. It focuses on Math and English. The program offers a variety of options to meet the needs of the students with different knowledge levels:

  • Advanced-level students will be challenged with gifted-level education to maximize their academic growth.
  • Students, who found certain areas of English and Math challenging, will get an opportunity to catch up and get ahead for a successful start to a new school year.

Based on their level, students will be encouraged to enroll into either a Math Track or English Track.

Math Track will offer 2 academic hours of Math, and 1 academic hour of English per day twice a week.

English Track will offer 2 academic hours of English, and 1 hour of Math per day twice a week.

Track enrollment will be based on the assessment that should be completed prior to the beginning of the program.

Enroll prior to April 30, and your registration fee will be waived.

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