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Summer Programs

Summer is a great opportunity to get ahead. There’s nothing like a feeling of comfort and confidence when transitioning to a new classroom in the fall.

We invite elementary and middle school students to enroll in our Summer Learning Program, focused on developing Math and English skills.

Advanced students will be challenged to maximize their growth. Students, who find some aspects of Math and English difficult, will get ample opportunities to catch up and get ahead for a confident beginning of a new school year.

Going to kindergarten is a period of emotional transition not just for your child, but also for the entire family. A child will have to adapt to a school setting on physiological, cognitive, and social levels. To make such transition less painful, especially for bilingual children, we are offering our Preparing for Kindergarten program.

Our popular early educational programs will run on a regular schedule. We hope to excite our little learners with new topics and enjoyable summer themes.

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