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Our Faculty

Olga Khamichonak is a founder of Blooming Minds Academy. Olga has graduated from Minsk State Pedagogical College and Minsk State Linguistics University with Bachelor’s in Teaching and Master’s in Linguistics of the English Language. Olga began her career as a teacher of English in Minsk, Belarus. For almost 20 years Olga has been teaching and tutoring children and adults of various ages and levels. In addition, she successfully led training and educational programs with strong focus on Quality Improvement and student knowledgeimprovement.

When Olga’s son was born, she realized that American childcare system lacked foundational education that children received in Belarus. She was highly concerned that children were not adequately challenged intellectually at the early age, when their brains were most flexible. As a result, a center for early intellectual development – Blooming Minds Academy was born. Today, over 100 children, ages 1 through 7 receive a strong foundation in Math and Language by attending a variety of play-based age-appropriate educational programs.

When Olga’s son started his elementary education, she quickly realized that there is a gap between school curriculum and college rigorous requirements. Especially, she saw educational gap in the areas of English and Math. In 2015, Olga has decided to partner with Vika School to provide children with high-quality education in the areas of Mathematics, English, Engineering, Technology.

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