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May 2014 Olympiad in Russian

April 29, 2014

A girl is holding a puzzle with Russian alphabet.         There will be two levels of the Russian Olympiad:

1. Foundational Level (ages 4 – 5)
2. Advanced Level (ages 5 – 6)


Both levels will include demonstration of competency in the following tasks:
1. Poem recitation;
2. Writing;
3. Reading and text comprehension;
4. Retelling a story based on the text offered.

During the Olympiad, we will assess the following knowledge, abilities, and skills:

1. Poem recitation:

    1. Length and difficulty of the poem chosen;
    2. Ability to recite with no help from the administrator;
    3. Articulation;
    4. Understanding of the poem through artistic presentation.

2. Writing:
Foundational Level:

    1. Familiarity with all letters, and ability to write them independently;
    2. Ability to write words with 3 and 4 letters;
    3. Ability to copy short sentences, as written on the board, without making errors; («контрольное списывание»)

Advanced Level:

    1. Ability to write down dictation of a short text;
    2. Following the learned rules of the Russian grammar;
    3. Ability to copy sentences, as written on the board (“контрольное списывание”)

3. Reading
Foundational Level:

    1. Knowledge of all sounds of the Russian alphabet;
    2. Ability to read syllables;
    3. Ability to read short 3- and 4-letter words, and understand them;
    4. Speed of reading;

Advanced Level:

    1. Speed;
    2. Correlation of intonation with the logic of the text;
    3. Text comprehension;
    4. Ability to answer questions;
    5. Ability to retell the story.

4. Text Comprehension:
Foundational Level:

    1. Ability to answer questions;
    2. Ability to retell the story;

Advanced Level:

    1. Ability to predict what the text is going to be about, based on the title of the story;
    2. Ability to answer text-related questions;
    3. Understanding of difficult words, and ability to define their meaning;
    4. Ability to retell the story.


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