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BMA STEAM Students Transition to Online Learning

March 14, 2020

In consideration of the COVID-19 virus and the Governor’s mandate, we are transitioning our BMA STEAM students to online classrooms effective Monday, March 16. 

To transition smoothly, we ask all parents to:

  1. Allow students the use of a computer or iPad on the day of their class.
  2. Log in to the classroom with your child 5 minutes before the class begins to test access.
  3. Allocate quiet place in the house, so that the class is not interrupted by background noise.
  4. Verify that your email address is updated in the BMA STEAM databse so that we can email you the link before the beginning of the class, as well as homework after class. 

To meet the educational needs of our early development students, BMA will send out class-specific activities, so that moms can still engage their children in play-based learning activities at home.

As it will be our first experience going through such transition, we please ask for your support and patience. We will be doing our best to engage all students in the learning process.

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