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You want to raise a happy, healthy, driven, and successful child

BMA Learning Center

Our Mission

You want to raise a happy, healthy, driven, and successful child. You justly wish your kid would discover talent and fulfill his/her potential. You know you will do your best to help. But your initiatives may stumble upon these questions: where to start and how to guide your little ones?

Grab our hand – let’s do it together! Our experienced instructors have developed unique methods of teaching and upbringing children. Although this process starts at our academy, it shouldn’t stop there. Your home is the finish line. Let us show how we can help.

After attending classes at Blooming Minds Academy, your children will:

  • advance their aptitudes and improve their weaker points through our individual competency evaluation (conducted upon each child’s admission to our academy and recurs every three months for progress tracking);
  • accelerate their comprehensive development through our unique teaching methodologies and constant individual attention of instructors;
  • learn new things every day by joining our numerous high-quality education programs: Russian, English, Hebrew, and Spanish language classes; Math, Science, Environment, and Wellness; Music, Dance, Art, Etiquette, Physical Development, Yoga, Drama, and Chess;
  • remember things better in a fulfilling game-based, small-group learning environment;
  • acquire intellectual, physical, and social skills;
  • develop a sense of self-awareness and self-confidence;
  • become innovative and independent thinkers;
  • develop a profound appreciation for education and strong work ethics;
  • learn how to intuitively distinguish between the right and the wrong;
  • learn how to treat their peers and to express respect for adults and elderly;
  • develop an appreciation for the value of all living things and respect for the environment
  • become courteous, forgiving, generous, helpful, and vibrant individuals.

Let your children start an amazing journey of discovery!
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