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BMA Learning Center

Our Curriculum

At Blooming Minds Academy, education of mind is our top priority.”

We structure the curriculum around the Game-Based Learning method. It helps children learn the syllabus faster and remember it better.

Classes offered:

  • Russian Language:
    writing, grammar, reading, spelling, Russian literature, etc.;
  • English Language:
    writing, grammar, reading, spelling, American literature, etc.;
  • Introduction to Foreign Languages:
    Spanish, Hebrew, and Mandarin;
  • Mathematics:
    numbers, counting, sorting, calculating, geometry, patterning, and problem solving;
  • Music:
    vocal singing, exploration of musical instruments, music literature, music theory, etc.;
  • Dancing:
    fun creative movement, exploration of dance concepts and movement techniques, stimulation of spontaneity and self-expression through rhythm and repetitive moves, etc.;
  • Art:
    drawing, painting, clay modeling, creative applications, self-expression though art, etc.;
  • Drama:
    story time, theatrical acting, poem memorization, creative expression, etc.;
  • Science:
    kids’ laboratory, environmental nature, kids’ biology, geography, and basic concepts of physics;
  • Physical Development:
    development of fine and gross motor skills with kids’ yoga, kids’ aerobics, and fun-movement activities;
  • Speech Development:
    strengthening speech capabilities with assistance of a licensed speech-language pathologist;
  • Etiquette and manners:
    learning proper manners, politeness and courtesy, concept of sharing and forgiving, proper behaviors with peers, respecting adults and elderly, valuing family, obeying parents, and properly dealing with emotions and feelings.

Nothing is more rewarding to parents than seeing their children succeed and progress.
Our academic tutors always encourage students to demonstrate new aptitudes and accomplishments to their families during our exciting monthly ”Utrennik” events.

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